LandEx was created out of a personal need. It was hard for the founders, themselves all retail investors, to invest in sustainable land. Land was hard to source, manage and the minimum investment requirement to create a diversified portfolio needed a lot of money - money we didn’t have. We thought there might be other investors like us: retail investors that would like to make land investments but who don’t have the capital, time or expertise to buy whole properties for themselves, yet who want to invest in land, sustainably. 

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LandEx was created so that everyone could invest in high quality and sustainable land investments across geographies. Land is an amazing asset class providing high yet low risk returns. Providing financing for sustainable land management will enable us to capture more carbon and increase biodiversity around the world. 

LandEx is aiming to become the largest land investment platform in the world.

We've done it before


Our founders have been building successful investment marketplaces for over a decade. 


Experienced team combining knowledge of investment marketplaces, data analytics, platform development and carbon projects to build the first land investment marketplace.


Randy Padar


  • LinkedIn

Serial entrepreneur and investor in PropTech and investment marketplaces. 

Consultant and speaker on Financial Literacy and Investments.


Kamel Belkadhi


Full stack engineer, web and data engineering consultant. 

Worked at investment marketplace Estateguru as a data engineer.

Jaan Sepping

  • LinkedIn


Founder of Project Spruce, the first Nordic/Baltic forest-focused carbon project developer. Worked at Barclays as an M&A investment banker.


mart erik.jpg

Mart Erik

  • LinkedIn


Experienced 3rd generation land manager active in the Baltics

His company Kinnistu OÜ has become the biggest land management and

administrative service provider in Estonia

with 23,600 ha of land under administration.


Claus Lehmann

  • LinkedIn


Brains behind, an industry news site on p2p lending, and, the largest German language information resource on p2p lending frequented by German, Austrian and Swiss investors. Cited by the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Finanztest, German TV, Dagensit Norway, Deutsche Bank research and many other publications.

Julian Kaljuvee.png

Julian Kaljuvee

  • LinkedIn


Experienced co-founder of successful investment marketplaces with total valuation >€250m: Bondora (p2p lending), Investly (factoring) and Estateguru (property). 


Marek Pärtel

  • LinkedIn


Co-founder of Estateguru, asset-backed lending investment marketplace.

Co-founder of a leading property development group in the region

Serial entrepreneur and angel investor in PropTech.

Phil Photo.png

Phil Dardier

  • LinkedIn


Senior partner at Avolta Partners, Southern Europe's leading investment bank for Tech entrepreneurs and Startups. Hands-on FinTech angel investor having invested in a number of investment marketplaces. Ex-CEO of Alternativa, an equity investment marketplace. Ex-member of board of European Crowdfunding Network - a civic pan-European movement.


Andry Padar

  • LinkedIn


Apollo TV marketing manager in Baltics. Experienced in scaling up digital services and has extensive knowledge of building up marketing campaigns with 360 degrees of channels. Worked with B2C and B2B business models.


Ivar Veskioja

  • LinkedIn


Managing director of Unicount. Experienced angel investor and Member of the Supervisory Board of the Estonian Service Industry Association. Decade long experience managing complex financial and accounting firms.


Kaspar Kaljuvee

  • LinkedIn


Chief Risk Officer and

Co-founder at Estateguru. Angel investor in investment marketplaces.

Experienced commercial real estate valuator and real estate and land investor.


Liis Florides


Experienced land manager active in the Baltics

Heading farmland management at Kinnistu OÜ which is the biggest land management and

administrative service provider in Estonia with 23,600 ha of land under administration.