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Investing with a 100 year view

LandEx is the first land investment marketplace that allows easy-to-access, diversified, and transparent land investments. LandEx will unlock the true value of land by democratizing access to land investments.

Most investors do not have a long-term view. And even if they say they do, they mean 5 or 10 years. But which investments would you be comfortable making if you had a 100-year investment horizon? I would venture a guess that most people would not be comfortable with any single company as the life expectancy of companies falls way short of 100 years. Also, any new technology like BitCoin feels hard to make a bet on, considering it has not been around for so long. Most real estate depreciates and the new apartment building will not be a new building in 100 years if it even is around at that time. Gold would work, also some diversified stock index like S&P 500, but one overlooked asset class which provides a better yield than S&P 500, is also less volatile and has similar characteristics as gold as it inherently has a limited supply, is land. Namely productive land such as farmland and forestland.

In a world where almost no one takes a truly long-term view, the market richly rewards those who do. - Sam Altman

Assessing land with a 100-year view, one cannot get around climate change and how that can impact different lands. The very Northern and very Southern latitudes in general work best, as these have the best chances to avoid desertification.

Investing in Northern Europe and Northern America as well as New Zealand, considering the half-uninhabited nature of many of these areas, would be one of the best store of value type investments for a 100-year view.

Impact on climate when the globe is 4 degrees warmer (yellow and brown is desert and semi-desert).

Land endures as a preferred safe haven in crisis is widely recommended as part of a diversified investment portfolio. Land is hard to buy however, direct land ownership is usually possible with a professional property manager from amounts that start from hundreds of thousands of Euros (according to market interviews in a number of European countries), and therefore typically only accessible to the largest of institutions and very wealthy individuals. By fractionalizing land investments, LandEx is making it possible for anyone to own fractions of this highly desirable and secure asset. We are focusing on the areas least impacted and even positively impacted by the ongoing climate change. LandEx has a 100-year view, investing on our platform, so could you.

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