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Investing in European Land in 2022

Join our free 45-min Webinar on the 18th of May during which we'll discuss the economics of farmland and how LandEx can help you diversify your portfolio.

The Economics of Farmland

How Does Farmland Compare to Other Assets

How You Can Invest in Farmland

How LandEx Works

Invest in land

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1. Register on LandEx

Registering is easy. All you need is an email address and a phone number. 


3. Invest in a plot

Our easy-to-use and secure platform enables you to invest from as little as €10 in one, easy click.  

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2. Explore our offerings

Choose among a wide range of lands in our primary market. 


Trade your shares with other LandEx users in our secondary market. 


4. Receive Your Profits

Manage your yearly dividends, profits from the secondary market, and returns on land sales on your portfolio. 

Why LandEx

Easy to Use

Effortless access and predictive analytics with secondary market for liquidity

Asset-Backed Investment

Your investments are backed by the land with extra security layer provided by collateral agent

Direct Access

We provide direct access to Carbon projects, Organic farming and Sustainable forestry

Asset-Backed Investment

Investors own fractional investments that refer to the specific land plot via a loan agreement with interest dependent on asset value.

LandEx’s goal is to get our investors as close as possible to owning land. However, since “fractionalization of land” is legally not possible, it is not possible to offer our investors ownership in the company that owns the land, as the regulatory costs would then go into millions of euros.

We found a solution using the typical crowdfunding playbook, where a loan contract is used for investing. LandEx lands loan contract is with variable interests, so that the value depends on the price of the asset and the investors benefit from the full increase of the asset value. As the land has no other loans, there is no chance of bankruptcy. The loan investment is backed by a mortgage set for that specific land which is held by a collateral agent.

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