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Sustainable Investments

We strive to give everyone the opportunity to invest in sustainable forestland and farmland by using Environmental, Social, & Governance approach.

Through investment we support organic farming, natural protection areas maintaining biodiversity and good forestry practices.

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Our Values



Expertise and Proficiency

LandEx analyzes all available land investments and finds the best investment opportunities.

Land needs monitoring and “boots on the ground” - we take care of it for the investor by partnering with local best-of-class land management firms.

Low risk returns

Low volatility, great returns

Land has been one of the highest return asset classes over the last decade. Estonian timber and farmland has returned on average 16% a year over the last decade.

All that with low risk. Land doesn’t depreciate or go bankrupt. Estonian timber and farmland has had no negative return years over the last decade.

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Everyone can invest in land

Easy access

It is super hard to find, buy and manage any kind of land investment.

LandEx will unlock the true value of land by democratizing access to land investments.

Environmentally responsible

Care and Support

We list carbon-focused and biodiversity-focused lands that you can invest in and develop carbon projects on those lands.

We as mankind have a duty to maintain Earth, one of the key ways for us to do so is to commit capital into preserving ecosystems.

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Easy to use

Human oriented

It used to be super hard to find, buy and manage any kind of land investment - LandEx changed this.

You can start investing for as low as €10, buy and sell lands with a click of a button.

Asset-backed investment

Investors own fractional investments that refer to the specific land plot via a loan agreement with interest dependent on asset value

LandEx’s goal is to get the investor as close as possible to owning land, but legally “fractionalisation of land” is impossible, and we cannot also offer the investor ownership in the company that owns the land, as the regulatory cost would then go into millions of euros. We found a solution using the typical crowdfunding playbook, where a loan contract is used for investing. LandEx lands loan contract is with a variable interest, so that the value depends on the price of the asset and the investors benefit from the full increase of asset value. As the land has no other loans, there is no need to possibility for bankruptcy. The loan investment is backed by a mortgage set for that specific land which is held by a collateral agent.


How does it work

LandEx analyzes all available land investments and finds the best investment opportunities.

LandEx agrees the pricing with Land Sellers and lists the lands. 

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Retail and institutional investors sign up and deposit their money, after that they can start investing in the listed lands.

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