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Top Rated Green Investing Opportunities

The environmental problems are increasing rapidly, and the whole world starts to realize the importance behind sustainability and green mindset. Find out what are the top rated green investing opportunities that are currently trending in the 2021. Ready to add some green to your portfolio?

Renewable Energy

Figuring out ways how to have enough energy that is not destroying the whole planet might be one of our biggest challenge that we are facing. Therefore, major steps have been taken and these alternative energy resources have really been game changers. In order to have more energy in the future that is both green and affordable, a lot of testing and research has to been made today. When investing into renewable energy, you are contributing to technological development, science and also to the brighter future of our planet. We have picked out few renewable energy company stocks so you can look into and begin your research. Hydropower, wind power, geothermal energy and solar panels- all these inventions and companies are associated with it are becoming bigger everyday and are therefore potential investing opportunities to look into. Please note that the companies mentioned in this post are examples to help you begin your research, not investment recommendations.


Did you know that over 70% of global electricity production from renewable energy sources comes from hydropower? It's an increasingly attractive capital investment with a strong and ethical mission. Brookfield Renewable Partners LP is a stock to look into as this company operates one of the world's largest publicly-traded renewable power platforms.

Wind power

NextEra Energy Partners, Vestas Wind Systems and Oersted A/S are companies that are focused wind energy to create a more sustainable future and seem like promising opportunities for a greener planet and portfolio.

Solar panels

Energy from the sun powers homes, buildings and a variety of other items from lights to radios. SunPower, SunRun and First Solar are definitely interesting companies to keep an eye on.

Green Transportation and Technology

People, Planet, Profit - to achieve success and ensure sustainability, it is recommended to use the 3 P's model in business. Companies that focus on all of these 3 P´s equally are on a good mission and are committed not only to making a profit, but also to making the world a better place. When it comes to the green transportation, Tesla is everyone's first pick, as this attention seeking company is working with fuel-cell technology to develop an alternative method of powering automobiles. America's stop logistic giant UPS is moving toward sustainable shipping and working on a new alternative to traditional gasoline- or diesel-powered trucks. Late last year announced an investment in 200 new hybrid electric trucks. Such small steps have a big impact, and it's good to see that many companies are rethinking their business plans and adding sustainability and the environment to the list.

ESG Funds

It can be relatively time-consuming and difficult to research stocks and companies and study their sustainability plans and environmental friendliness. Fortunately, such fund like ESG's have been created, which bring together companies with a similar background that that aim to have a sustainable and societal impact in the world, by lowering their carbon footprint and decreasing pollution. As interest in the environment and sustainability has increased, there are many different ESG funds on the market. To find your way around and find the best, read this latest review from Forbes Advisor, who discovered the best ESG fund in July 2021.

Agricultural Land and Forest

By investing in natural lands and forests, you help to preserve and protect them, as they are important parts of our ecosystem, home to a variety of animal and bird species that produce oxygen, purify the air and keep our planet healthy. Buying agricultural land and forests may not be as easy as buying stocks, the budget must be much larger, as land cannot be bought in small fractions. In addition, the purchased lands or plots need to be maintained and taken care of, which can be somewhat difficult and time-consuming. When considering all these conditions, land investment is not the most convenient type of investment. LandEx is a land investing marketplace that has a missions to change this outdated mindset and start a new era of land investing. LandEx aims to make investing in land a more comfortable and liberating experience, in a newly developed marketplace, land can be bought in small fractions and can easily create liquidity thanks to the secondary market. In addition, investors do not have to worry about maintenance, it has already been taken care of.

A new era of land investment will begin this autumn. In the meantime, keep your planet and portfolio green.


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